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tv   Douglas Schoen America in the Age of Trump  CSPAN  October 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:04pm EDT

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>> good afternoon. welcome to the richard nixon presidential library. i am jonathan movroydis. before we introduce our special guest today i just want to announce a few upcoming events. on september 7 we are going to have a cold war historian and member of the national security council the kennedy johnson nixon and reagan and kramer and is going talk about inside the cold war from marx to reagan the roots history strategy and documents of the cold war. it should be a really interesting historical discussion. on that similar note on october 23 we are going to have historian nick looked her to talk about his book nixon and europe, reshaping the post-war atlantic world. on september 11 we are going to have at 11:00 a.m. our annual 9/11 commemoration.
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please look on our web site for that at nixon in november 7 we will have the daughters of president george w. bush and first lady laura bush. jenna bush hager and barbara pearce bush are going to talk about stories from our wild and wonderful life. now on to our speaker today. douglas schoen is the one of the most influential democratic campaign people for over 30 years and is a founding partner in principle strategist for penn strawn -- schoen. corporate clients include aol-time warner proctor & gamble and at&t and you can also see him frequently a commentator on "fox news" as well. he is a bit of a nixon buff. last year he wrote a book about
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the policies which i urge you all to pick up called nixon effect how richard nixon's presidency fundamentally changed american politics. his new book is about another president and another presidency and the current look at politics today. it's called "america in the age of trump" opportunities and oppositions and an unsettled world. the "fox news" political analyst juan williams called its contents no bombast no bull feathers all real solutions are people of all political stripes by how president trump's america can get back to its can-do spirit. ladies and gentlemen, douglas schoen. [applause] >> first of all thank you all for coming today. i'm going to try to do three
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things, hopefully successfully. i'm going to try to address the current way of the land then answer the question that probably is unanswerable but will try through what would richard nixon goofy face the same circumstances. number two and number three what does the book say, what does it recommend and why is it different from what's going on in washington and countries today. those are my parameters today and i do think to start i ought to share a little context. i was one of those, and they were in many oems of americans who did this as well who didn't vote for the president. i had worked for bill clinton as some of you may know and i just decided hillary clinton was a bridge too far. so on "fox news" i did make it
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very clear that i could not have would not support secretary clinton. i got a fair amount of publicity but i didn't say i would support donald trump. i worked for mr. trump in a private capacity in this business. i knew him and my own philosophy and governance is very different from his so i said look i'm not going to get involved and not make a choice that speak out however i believe is necessary and appropriate. as i sit here today i am probably one of the few commentators you might hear who does not have an ax to grind. put another way i'd did support donald trump didn't support
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secretary clinton, didn't vote for president. i'm still a democrat. there is much about the left-wing of the democratic party that i can't associate myself with and there is much about the right-wing of the republican party that i also can't associate myself with so i'm in the middle. i tried to do that on my appearances on "fox news" to the centrist perspective and hopefully common sense and a logical perspective. i leave that to others to determine. but my book, "america in the age of trump"," tries to forge commn sense bipartisan solutions to the problems we are facing. i would argue that those problems are getting worse and they are being to a great degree made worse still by our political leadership. first of may start with the president. i have two problems. philosophically i disagree with
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a lot of what he has tried to do but i think it's fair to say much of what he has proposed is within the round of reason. i could disagree as they do with his health care plan. i might not support from what has been released his tax reform plan. i probably would have appointed a different supreme court judge justice but let's be very clear. let's be very clear. everything the president has proposed is within the round of reason and can be considered and negotiated and we will get to it in the second what would richard nixon do. i dare say president nixon would have approached things very differently than president trump. i think like a lot of people i was heartened by the speech on
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monday night. he set out clear policy for afghanistan and made it clear how he was different from president obama and outlined an approach towards afghanistan, towards pakistan and indeed toward south asia generally but to be completely candid when i saw what he said and did in phoenix yesterday my heart sank. look, my perspective is pretty direct and pretty simple. we are all americans. we all have a common interest and if we don't pursue our common interests as americans we all lose and that's what our adversaries whether it be north korea, iran or the chinese are or the russians, that's what they are hoping for that we will in our own way divide and fight
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among ourselves and weaken ourselves. i think it was the case that secretary of defense mattis said our greatest enemy is here at home and i certainly share those sentiments. because if we cannot get our own house in order and stop attacking we have a profound problem. from my point of view, to polarize like the president does and i say that with a heavy heart because i think of the bid is really unnecessary. i think what he said about charlottesville was unnecessary and unhealthy. i know the man. he is not a racist, not an anti-semite but certainly to say that there were some fine people in charlottesville and to left-wing protesters however offensive with neo-nazis and white supremacist is on
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acceptable and he doubled down yet again yesterday and it is deeply deeply upsetting but it's also upsetting to me and i'm not going to try to quantify amounts come more or less or whatever but it's certainly pathetic to me that the democratic party is the party of resistance. my heart sank because i was brought up in the 60s where we had a bipartisan tradition. we did civil rights legislation, voting rights, medicare, medicaid all done with democratic and republican bipartisanship. perhaps i'm naïve enough to believe that we can still do that and i would hope we could. so far though given the way the democratic party has operated the chances of that are almost minimal. when i look at people like bernie sanders and when i look at elizabeth warren i say to
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myself look we are capitalist country. we believe in free markets. we believe in liberty. we don't believe that the answer to everything is to tax the rich or somehow believe that those who have had success in life are in some way inherently evil and need to be punished. i think that's just wrong to and it leaves me literally out in the cold with a level of sadness about what is happening to our country that makes me disappointed as possible. i was hoping that donald trump would govern like richard nixon. if you remember the 68 campaign and i can see at least some of you are old enough to remember that campaign, but most not, richard nixon had the southern strategy. he talked tough a lot and he got
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enough of the wallace votes, parts of the south in the midsouth era as well as much of the midwest. but the nixon rhetorical strategy if you remember watch what they do, not what i say was exactly that. nixon i argue in my book the nixon effect govern in a bipartisan way. his agenda and make the argument and not look was actually more liberal than much of what we see today. the epa, we see that he proposed a guaranteed actual income that was more integration done in the nixon administration and i think in any prior time and a few ss his presidency he consciously and consistently governed in a
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way that was designed to if nothing else unify the country in a policy sense and for those who didn't like president nixon and certainly there were plenty of those, he did get 49% of the vote in 1972 and over 60% of the popular vote is my memory serves me right, round 60%. so this was a man who was a leader. on foreign policy with the opening to china, the beginnings of detente this was a man who was a visionary. sadly we don't have that today. i hope and pray that donald trump's speech is the beginning of a strategy that involves a more assertive america and seeks to position ourselves with the many threats we are facing whether it the north korea or
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the middle east but to me the question is still unopened one. again, speech in the right direction on monday night but what the 39002 -- troops will be able to accomplish and how we will it be able to get the taliban to the table as secretary tillerson said yesterday. all of these are open questions. the other thing that i think in fairness to president trump we have to accept, we had nothing like the north korean threat back in the 60s or 70s, even the 80s or 90s. we were not facing any situation or set of circumstances where north korea going nuclear was imminent.
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they cheated and now we are doing what they after math of that so we face serious problems in the middle east with iran, the sunni-shiite rivalry which is taking a different shape. but again we are facing challenges again without a white house staff that in a lot of ways is as experienced as that which somebody like president nixon was able to bring to bear. we have seen a great deal of turnover in the white house in the last six or seven months. the papers in the last couple of days, i saw it in "the news york times" and "the wall street journal" as well. i think there were 10 or 12 people who had left in less than six months. again my point is not to say this one should have stated this one should on but to say we have this kind of turnover. the loser is the united states of america because we have a government that appears in a
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deed may well be inherently unstable. i am saddened by what i see and i'm saddened by what my party the democrats are doing or not doing to cooperate because we cannot address the challenges we have with the kind of political approach we have. in the book "america in the age of trump" that i co-authored with jessica tarlov, we had 10 basic propositions that we addressed and what i would like to do is articulate the proposition. give me a second to think about each one and then go back through some of the solutions we proposed in our book and let me be very clear, we make the argument both implicitly and explicitly that if there were people of goodwill getting
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together as happened in the 60s and 70s, we could solve the great deal and many of the issues and challenges that we facebook in the absence of that in the hyperpoliticization of our system where everything is a campaign event in everything involves an attack ad, sadly our challenges have gone unaddressed. so first and i think this is fair to say the american education system is a failure at every level and we will talk about that in the second. but i would really tell you one of the experiences that i've had whenever i talk to immigrants and they say how was your education system compared to where you came from, people who would extol the virtue of america say they are patriots, they love this country, we don't know we have and always say
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their educational system is superior. to be sure they have some very good universities here but i would say we have a challenge to educate people and particularly a challenge in poor communities. i would just say one thing about that. we are one nation whether you are a republican or democrat. you can't govern just to protect minorities or to protect upper-middle-class, white. you have to be inclusive. whatever your approach and so far again i have yet to see a politician or a political party take an inclusive approach to education on most issues. we have another problem that i think most of you have seen certainly as the parent of a 26-year-old son trying to make
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his way in the world i see it myself. the economy to be sure is slow in its recovery but the middle classes hollowing out in the american dream is on life support. i think many of us certainly grew up leaving whatever happened we would do better and i would do better than my parents. my parents were successful. i'm proud of them and proud of what they were able to offer to me that there was no sense that i would face the kind of challenges i see young people facing today. those challenges have to do with the orderable and they have to do with getting good jobs and they have to do with just a simple challenges we face in dealing with a very complicated world where our educational system is not necessarily preparing people for the
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challenges we face or the challenges that they face. the third proposition and it was something i alluded to before, we are approaching a national emergency of military readiness and preparedness and a world of mounting security threats. we wrote the book i guess we finished at about six months or a year ago. we didn't anticipate precisely what has happened but again you didn't have to be a prophet to figure out the challenges the tropez going to face from the russians, the chinese and i have suggested rogue nations like north korea and iran. we also have the criminal justice system which is our fourth that does a good job punishing people who commit serious crimes but is also a sentencing many of our young men and women guilty of less serious
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offenses to long sentences. now i think we could debate the policy and approach that attorney general sessions is taking and i certainly believe president obama may well have gone too far with his pardons at the end of his second term but i think it's also the case that we have one of the highest incarceration rates in the world and we have very limited resources to teach and train people in prison to come out to be productive citizens. put another way we do have an underclass in this country and one of the ways we are seeing it reflected is what has come to be called the opioid crisis. candidly jessica and i did not write about that in any great detail but now as we watch the media and i am pleased the
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president declared a national emergency, we have i think 50 odd thousand people dying every year and you run across people who are taking prescription drugs, heroin and cocaine and waking up and finding themselves addicted to some pain medication, anti-anxiety medication and it's literally for them crippling. we don't have a handle on how to deal with it. we don't have the resources and even if we have the resources it's not clear to me we know how to best handle that. i think it's obvious to every wedding and again this was written before the fight over repeal and replace, we have a health care crisis because while
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i would be the first one to criticize the republicans were having seven years to come up with an alternative plan is also the case that obamacare is a failure and changes are collapsing insurance and premiums are going up in double-digit amounts or more. the other thing we have which we haven't heard much about lately but still remains a problem is entitlement crisis. we may well have deferred that for while. we are not going to have medicare and medicaid and social security go bankrupt in the next couple of years but i think the actual royal report indicates that within 10 or 15 years we could face a very serious crisis. there is one other issue and this is actually my six-point
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which i think informs everything everything. it's something we were talking about at lunch today which is that there has never been a time in my memory and i think the polling bears this out but the public has had such little faith in our institutions. why is that? we have all seen how washington our state governments have failed us. i think it's fair to say that a level of skepticism is high but there are couple of things going on that exacerbate the problem which is increasingly people are deciding why would you want to serve in government? we are not getting our best people to go into government to serve. the other thing is with the internet and a very aggressive media we live in a gotcha society and in a gotcha society whatever you have done, however
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you have done it can be magnified and turned into a problem. to say to somebody give up your career, stepped out, leave your job going to the administration whatever administration democrat or republican, run the risk of some degree of condemnation or excoriates and for what you did or what you didn't do. why would you do that and i asked that as a rhetorical question but i think for many many people that is also a huge, huge issue. another issue we isolated is that there is a crisis of values. what i mean by that is basically we were brought up, at least i think virtually everyone in this room and hopefully those watching, the vast majority, with a sense of right and wrong, sense of morality, decency and
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integrity. that is largely gone. we live now in a transactional society where the issue is not am i doing the right thing or not but candidly in my going to get over the other guy. it's a zero-sum society and it reflects i think an underlying decay in what has made our country unique. i did something last night that i would urge everyone here to please consider doing which is to watch john f. kennedy's an odd girl addressed from january 20, 1961. his point was that our sense of freedom and liberty came not from our government, the work government was certainly involved in promoting them around the world but from our religious faith and their religious belief and that was a
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common thread in our political life. i can remember as a child the pride i had saying the pledge of allegiance, the pride i had have in watching space launches in the sense that this was a unique experiment democracy that had never been replicated and never will be replicated. that's what i grew up with. most people i knew growing up have that view. i think that's all gone now. sure we can blame president obama or president trump or george w. bush. we could blame lots of people but i think the societal challenges that we face are huge and palpably obvious. there is one other issue that one of my teachers, colleagues, friends and even employee errors
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wrote about in 1965 which is the structure of the american family is in collapse. the son of the late senator daniel patrick moynihan a professor of mine wrote the moynihan report about the crisis of the black family. now it's not the crisis of the black family. it's the crisis of the family and i think for many of you you can recognize as you just look around the kids who come from families which are single-parent tend to have less good outcomes than those who are from stable families. the number of stable families has declined from i think a sizable majority when i was growing up to a very small minority of households today. again this is not a racial issue. this is an issue that crosses
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racial economic political lines and again i think it's responsible in part for why we have the kind of drug problem that we do that i was alluding to before. the tenth we make which i think with was their effort to sum this all up was to say the american ideal is very much in question. it used to be that the world except the bit we were unique arguably superior as a society and the people and arguably couldn't find anywhere else. now we have really have two blame certainly president obama for that leaving behind we are not unique, we are not special, all of that but to me it's a larger issue than pointing at finger at a politician. it is a sense that perhaps our
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culture, our popular culture is to be desired but there's not much else about america the needs to be venerated. so those are my, jessica and my 10 concerns. let me quickly summarize what we recommend, what we think is practical and then answer the question of what richard nixon would do. look, mathematics and science needs a specialized attention. college is unaffordable, student loans are out of control. we need every possible kind of experiment we can have, vouchers, charter schools need to be expanded. we need to expand immunity colleges and vocational training. we just have to read nice at a four-year college experience is
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not necessarily right for everyone. we need to train people for the jobs that exist not the jobs that we think they should have and while i think many of us have had a liberal arts education and profited from it i certainly didn't. it's not right from -- for everyone except that as a society and try to organize our society as well. i think we really need to understand that unless we are able to do that we will not be able to address the issues of social mobility, job growth, job creation in a way that is constructive because so many people, even if they believe in the american dream believe it's much more difficult and much more complicated and for many a loser he and what i think we could do this with some
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hardheaded leadership in the educational and job training field we could make a real dent into it. i believe we do need comprehensive tax reform. i think the president from what i know is going in the right direction but we need progrowth tax reform, not merely redistribution. i'm with the administration there. we need efforts to help low income workers, trained them and give them opportunities and we need pro-family policies that encourage and strengthen our families rather than allowing them to continue to disintegrate disintegrate. look, i would be one of those people and you can question me in the question period about this but i am somebody who you'd call a globalist. i think we have a role in the world, a clear role in the world
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and when the president said we can't do nation building believe me i'm a poster by training and i know what's popular and not unless we strengthen the institutions of democracy in countries like afghanistan we will have a result like we have had in iraq where the forces of evil to which iran continued to undermine stable democratic governments and in afghanistan we have the haqqani network. we have the taliban and we have isis. we have to strengthen government to be competitive. i just think we need to foster our global cooperation. i'm disappointed with the withdrawal from the tpp. i'm concerned about
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renegotiations with nafta even if there are short-term political and perhaps economic that it's but i think we need to recognize that we have a serious issue in cybersecurity, have they capacity to fight wars from that level as will as conventionally and i think we need to be more aggressive and more assertive than we were certainly during campaign 2016. look, i just think in terms of criminal justice that we can't attack america and american institutions for mass incarceration. i think seeing it in racial terms and seeing it as the new
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apartheid misses the point. we have to train people and we have to give them opportunities. they are in jail we have to give them an opportunity to be pointed in the right direction in terms of rehabilitation, education and ultimately job-training but i don't see it as a racial issue. i do see it as a crisis if we can't take people who are in prison and give them a clear path to a successful life. those small programs that have attempted great success, the problem is from what i can tell they are really a drop in the bucket. i think we need more and better police training, more community outreach. and again i'm not saying this to credit though i think he deserves a lot, my client and friend michael bloomberg but climb under his leadership and continue under bill de blasio in
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record lows. clearly in chicago something has gone wrong and again i'm not saying it's rahm emanuel's fault that the degree of gang membership and alienation from the police is so substantial that there's literally a crisis of society and societal leadership giving the egg's bloating and expanding murder rate so that is again something we need to do. again we have to address the entitlement crisis. i believe now and we need to do it with small fixes now so we don't have to do big fixes and some degree of modest means, raising the retirement age where benefits would be available by a few months, maybe a year or so.
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small fixes like that can save the program for the future. i also believe in more choice and more competition in our programs is good. as a practical matter we have to do something about health care. i would have been only too happy for repeal and replace. now we have to take what is and try to fix fix it with more mart competition, more efforts to i thank make sure that insurance companies do not pull out of the markets entirely. i'm not an expert on health care but as a matter of politics if we do not address the health care crisis the system could very quickly be in complete collapse. i believe the government has to face the crisis that we see in
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faith and our institutions. there has to be an effort for responsiveness on all levels from local government to the federal government. there has to be an openness. there has to be a responsiveness of the government, its citizens and if we can do that maybe we can just turn that around. i suggest that we also have two deal with the crisis to the family and we have to do those explicitly pronouncing their many people talking about that unless we realize that those are huge challenges i don't think that we are going to in a way that is fundamental, i don't think we are going to change the underlying mix. i do think in terms of the vacuum and political leadership we need to get rid of things like redistricting. i think the fact that so few elections are competitive, maybe 50 or 60 of the 435 house races
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will be competitive and i'm not here to say i'm for citizens united oregon citizens united. i have my opinions but we are in a situation where politicians don't campaign in just fund-raising may deal a special-interest. we are doomed to fail and we have to recognize that. my final point is we have to recognize that the american ideal is at risk. we have to recognize that our position locally is eroding. numerous commentators have spoken about numerous political leaders. you guys we have to deal with the new reality. i think that's fair and i think that's wrong but i think it's fundamentally a reversal. i also think as we sit here today and i will stop in the
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second president nixon would have approached this very differently. looking at his record as i did in the nixon factor thinking about america and the age of trump, president nixon would have tried to find a bipartisan solution to each and every problem. he would have called congressional leadership and, democratic and republican and he would have crafted bipartisan solutions. the other thing the president would then, president nixon would do today is he would lower his -- and if you remember his first term nattering nabobs of negative sum was vice president spiro agnew. right now the world is reversed. donald trump's the one who is out there talking and mike pence is being quiet behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes, the political operator. i'm not suggesting there might pence should go out there and become something he is not what i'm suggesting this country
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would profit and benefit by the president worried his voice not attacking his own party, not just attacking the democrats that say how do we get this done? that we work together? as i said i was very moved on monday night i the speech and certainly he's going in the right direction but i think his rallies however good they make the president and his supporters feel really further divide our country and put us in a position where we are less equipped to deal with the challenges facing our country. look i'm an optimist. before i am a partisan or an ideologue i am an american. i believe deeply in this country and i believe deeply in our values and i believe deeply in what we have done as democrats and republicans to make this the greatest country that has ever been put together and assemble. i believe the nixon library as
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an institution stands for those values. it certainly has a larger purpose giving invitations a wide range of speakers on a wide range of subjects with a variety of perspectives. i'm going to make it very very clear that this is the third time i have been here and it's a great pleasure to come from new york not only to be in southern southern -- sunny california but to be with you in such summoned summoned -- sunny and optimistic people so patient for listening to me. let me stop and open it up to questions. thank you. [applause] c thank you doug. is there anyone with a mic? >> i watch you on fox. you are very good. you are one of the few that i believe is trying to be honest that you were going to have to help me out. on the one side being a wide and
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retired businessman and successful i looked on the one side and the african-american museum in washington and there's no mention of clarence thomas anywhere and on the other side has a lack lies matter exhibit. maybe they can get is fidel castro's shares your something so i'm trying to see and rationalized that with the democrats that are demonizing. they are subversive like calling the average white guy successful or not at all the things they. my question is when you look at howard dean and what they are saying what good does that do for the country? >> not much sir and first of all i think you for your success. i would agree with the basic premise that unless we accept
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that we are an inclusive country that there's a diversity of opinion, it diversity about round, african-american, asian and hispanic and white unless we do that through all our institutions we all lose. i would say would you describe to me saddens me. i share some of the same sentiments but i would put it in as blunt terms as you have but i would say this. i grew up in the civil rights era. my mother taught me that we were to be as martin luther king said values and colorblind and to deal with the content of people with character. that's the way i choose to see things and i would hope the polarization on the left and the right and the african-american community in all communities can be dissipated.
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the right to criticize the democrats and i would dare say the republicans can be criticized for two but i would turn to where i started. we are americans first and unless we pull together inclusively we all fail. >> yes maam. xi right here. >> first of all i've always appreciated your levelheaded comments and on the scale of one to 10 i give you a six and my appreciation today you art and. for a democrat iowans liked her and now she's attended she a good thing to do book. >> she's attended you say? >> i met 10? >> you were a six to nine or 10 and i think you are a chronic republican. [laughter] what we have seen in the media recently regarding the violence with this whole resist and
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antifa is there anything that's going to happen in your mind expose what's really going on there and somehow and get some control of the violence unmasking these people and arresting them for what's going on. c who do they like to arrest? [inaudible] >> are you speaking about people on the right of the last? >> i must tell you i really believe we have to do everything within the law to discourage the kind of violent protests we have had. i don't for a second and i want to be very clear but said this before but it deserves reiteration. i do not see neo-nazis and white
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supremacists as the equivalent of those on the left however those on the left eye find are doing destructive acts. i think white separatism, nazism and i say this as an american with relatives unfortunately who perished in the holocaust, i think those are so far outside of the american prediction that i cannot equate them. that being said we don't need violence on either side. i absolutely agree with that. i think the protests are distraught if and i also think what the counterprotesters have done in some instances has been harmful to the broader cause that they espouse and certainly that i believe in. i think it was handled a lot broader -- better than charlottesville but i'd rather
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move to a situation where we don't have demonstrations week after week after week and we focus on dealing in the sober minded way on the problems we have. you have. you and i may differ about who's doing what but where we don't differ i am convinced is wanting the best for unified united states of america. >> real quickly does fox have any plans to resurrect the political insiders? >> i very much enjoyed doing the show with pat caddell and john the ducal ea. i really am grateful to the entire leadership of fox for giving us the chance to do the program. >> we have a question in the front row. c the things that you talked about today and i really appreciated them as a mother and grandmother and
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great-grandmother and someone who worked in the schools released 12 years it's a tremendous fight for you to have values in your home and those values are not accepted nor approved of in the schools and i will say that with everything in me because i have seen it so often. i saw it early on when i worked in the schools. it was very subtle but it was not in keeping with this good nation and that we are good people. all i have to do is look at each grandchild of mine raised with the same values that came out of college and different colleges and universities with a totally changed attitude toward who america is.
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>> first of all i have a couple of reactions. first of all let me say how proud i am to meet you in this forum. what you have done makes you in my terms of true american hero both in terms of family and in terms of education. this is what makes america great great. first let me say thank you to you for having led her life the way you have that's number one. one of the reasons charter schools are so important most of them and part assist on uniforms uniforms, values attendance all the stuff we grew up with taking for granted they insist upon and the outcomes are extraordinary that they achieve. so i can only say that the third
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issue that i heard you address is one that i would agree with. i'm a great lever in its freedom of speech but freedom of speech does not go one way. it's not freedom of speech to be on the left. it is freedom of speech to mouth whatever beliefs you hold. when i went to college there was some assault on it but now many years later i know people who are proud conservatives, intellectuals who say the following. i can't tell people what i think think. these are not people to be blunt about it, they are not chickens. they are not afraid of their own shadows. they are just realistic. they don't want to put their lives and their livelihoods at risk in any way that would subject them to demonstrations or protests and the like and i think that's very sad. i couldn't agree with you more and i will conclude by saying again thank you and i'm proud.
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>> thank you c-span. my question is how worried should americans be about trying to adopt the socialist platform and bring back america? >> i think it's a very good question. i am a proud capitalist. as i said i'm for free markets, free enterprise, all of that. it's how i live my own life. as a belief in a robust and healthy social safety net. we may agree or perhaps disagree on how expansive and expensive and even expensive such as social safety net with the bats in the context of the capitalist system. i do worry and i think you are right that these fundamental
6:53 pm
premises in our society have been attacked by those on the left and on the democratic left who appear to advocate for socialism. senator sanders being one of them. some of this critique makes some sense of what he recommends is basically state run societies which i think are a bore and and i think they are inherently dangerous to logical and consistent economic growth and to basic freedom. i think the answer is we have got to be worried and i never thought the democratic party would become effectively a socialist party but it sure moving in that direction. not everybody is that way but the energy and the strength of the democratic party are those who put redistribution ahead of capitalism. [applause]
6:54 pm
>> hi there. each of the issues you identified in your 10 points require our governors, governing body to come together and work on a common goal. how does that happen? >> if you have an answer i will be the first one to campaign for you and i couldn't agree more. i sort of think in the reason why it was so thrilled that the nixon library invited me, unless people like you and i would like to say myself make the argument and speak out we are never going to succeed. i can't say i have a magic formula or a clear way to achieve it but i can say this. we have to speak out. we have to be unafraid and we have to bring the approach in values that you clearly have. >> hi so in a 16 campaign on the democratic side you could see it
6:55 pm
was very monochromatic, very old and very rich so who do you see as the up-and-comers when nancy pelosi decides to get out of the way? who do you see challenges trump? >> boy, i wish i knew. it's a great question and i get it relatively often. while i can give you names i can't give you a barack obama play in 20008 he was emerging. i think one of the problems to your point again serves the democratic party is a rift of talent that can provide national leadership and i'd do the first one to tell you and hope such a person emerges but so far we have a lot of maybes, wannabes
6:56 pm
and potentially again bernie sanders who i believe feels notwithstanding his age and world view that it is his right and responsibility to run and try to be donald trump. >> you mentioned in the beginning the state of education in the united states and how we are -- in terms of international testing testing. then fund ranks in top three of a single year. i read the book by the finnish educational system and he is adopted the 1940s and 50's the united states recommend program progressive education john dewey progressive education movement. as an educator i have seen the materials which are quite clear
6:57 pm
in terms of taking a child as far as he far as seeking going to use the scientific method in all of are teaching. why has united states dropped a program which was inherently successful to come up with. >> i wish i knew the answer to your question which is why did we seize defeat from the jaws of success and i don't have a quicker good answer to that. i wish i did but i will just be personally which i do. i am an employer. the number of people i hire who read and write seamlessly even from very good schools could be limited. another personal example. i try to offer internships to a diverse audience. i'm proud to do that. i think that's what we all should do. i've had to teach some people
6:58 pm
just basic rules like you show up on time, you do your work on time, if you sit still, you don't leave your desk or your post until it's break time or lunchtime. you don't decide on thursday that you need a long weekend and disappeared. i say all this -- there was one year we had an intern where i could tell it was the weekend because on thursday afternoon they all brought their suitcases to the job and you know they were gone. hey look i don't want to be unfair. these are interns. they are not full-time employees but as we have been saying today the values and the strictures of our society that which has made us great have largely been compromised. i'm not against evolving. we have to. there are two kinds of
6:59 pm
employment, technological jobs that require a different kind of training but for goodness sakes why are we moving in a way that is clearly doomed for failure? that i do not now under question to me is largely unanswerable. >> we have time for one more question. >> thank you very much. very informative. i want to ask for your input on immigration. >> sure, good question and we didn't really stress that in a central way. we should have. i believe that there is a fairly straightforward though very contentious solution. i think we have to protect our borders. absolutely. ..
7:00 pm
7:01 pm
you poll american people and ask them about some version about what i said you'll get 55, 60% who will agree in some way or another. indicating that you could get a bipartisan solution, the sad thing is between the democrats who take one extreme position republicans another extreme position, this is another issue that we can and should and must resolve that sadly appears that it will not be resolved any time soon. to thank you very much. >> thank you, doug. [applause] that will be available to sign your book, america in the age of trump. thank you again for being here web and we'll see you next time. >> thank you. [applause]
7:02 pm
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